Saturday, 7 August 2010

Walk with Us Tonight!

This is the first part of the walk. Gather at Scott Monument at 11:00pm leave at 11:15pm sharp. Walk along Princes Street towards the RSA then take a left and walk past the National Gallery, up the Playfair Steps, cut across to the Writers' Museum Close (to the left of The Wash bar), go across the close to the far exit on the left corner, cross the Lawnmarket/High Street and walk down the right of George IV Bridge ('The King's Jaunt') to Greyfriars Kirk then down Forrest Road to Middle Meadow Walk and down no further than Peter's Yard. The final destination is close by and will be revealed when we get to Middle Meadow walk. We will wait there a minute until we have everyone. In case you get lost, we will post the venue at that point up here on